Things You Need To Know

  • All golfers must take a cart at Red Mountain. The course is not walkable for most people as there is considerable elevations and some distance between tees. The mandatory use of carts ensures speed of play for all golfers.
  • As with all courses in Thailand, caddies are mandatory.
  • Golf at Red Mountain may take a little longer than usual given the topography of the land and the distance between some of the holes. In addition, we expect that many golfers will like to take photos of the spectacular scenery especially at the 16th and 17th holes. Whilst we encourage all golfers to enjoy the spectacular scenery a marshall is on course at all times and players are expected to complete their rounds in 4 ΒΌ hours.
  • Maximum group size is 4 golfers.
  • All golfers must wear collared shirts and appropriate footwear. Shorts are encouraged. Hats are suggested.
  • We provide rain checks for any round that is rain affected. Please review the current Rain Check policy prior to play.
  • We suggest carrying an umbrella at all times as it provides cover from the sun and the seasonal Phuket showers. A rain cover for your bag is also suggested in rainy weather.