Privacy Notice MBK Resort Public Company Limited

Notice and Announcement of collection and use of personal data and consent withdrawal procedures.


Dear  Customers, Personal Data Subjects and all MBKGOLF website users

          MBK RESORT PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (the “Company”) hereby notifies you that the Company have collected and/or used (collectively, “processed”) your personal data, such as your first name, last name, email address, telephone number, history of the use of our services, to enable us to perform under contracts and agreements and provide services to you under lease agreements, service agreements and other legal contracts and agreements and also CCTV footages for security within the Company’s compound. The Company give priority and are committed to respecting your privacy and providing the security of your personal data and therefore would like to inform you of the purposes of processing your personal data, security measures the Company impose to help ensure the security of your personal data that the Company collected and your rights according to the Personal Data Protection Act as detailed in our privacy policy.

          In the event that you have previously given the Company consent to the processing of your data and if you subsequently wish to withdraw your consent, you may send your request via MBK Contact Center: 1285 or email or other channels specified by the Company and the Company will consider your request and take action accordingly and as stipulated by the Personal Data Protection Act. However, the Company would like to draw your attention to one important issue that once your consent has been withdrawn, the Company will not be able to offer you benefits, promotions, interesting and useful information about services or products of the Company, vendors and business partners of the Company.

    Yours sincerely,


      Announced on 15th July 2022